Fall comes quickly and many of us are unprepared. In fact, each year it seems like more and more people are caught off guard when that first frost hits. That is most likely because fall is one of the busiest times of the year with back to school, sports, working overtime for holidays, and trying to clean up your yard.

Thankfully, the State College area is packed with businesses that help you get the most out of this season – either by providing you with options to make memories or helping you out with all of that work:

1. Wasson Farm Market

Wasson Farm Market is a local treasure for people who want to get into the holiday spirit. They have a great selection of freshly picked

Credit: Wasson

Credit: Wasson

pumpkins for you to carve or decorate. If you don’t have a lot of time, they also have prepared pumpkins that have been painted with funny faces.

In the autumn, this family-owned business creates a fantastic fall festival complete with hay rides, pumpkin picking, seasonal foods, farm animals, and fun activities. To participate in their Fall Fest, you will have to wait until October, though some things might start rolling out early. Check their Facebook page to get the latest information about the festival.

2. Cutting Edge Tree Professionals

Credit: Cutting Edge

Credit: Cutting Edge

Fall is a popular time to get your trees inspected for problems. This is because you need to be safe when the storms hit – and they seem to be hitting earlier and earlier each and every year. Trees can take down power lines, land on structures in your yard, and even really hurt the people you love. A tree risk assessment is one of the most important things you can do this fall.

Cutting Edge Tree Professionals is a highly qualified company in State College to help inspect your trees for potential problems. They will search your trees high and low to find any problems and then try to help you fix them. Their knowledge is quite vast and they are really great problem solvers. Make sure to call them soon, because you don’t want to get caught in the first storm of the season.

3.  Way Fruit Farm

People who love fresh fruits have always loved Way Fruit Farm, and they’ve tried to keep it to themselves. However, with fall coming up and

Credit: Way Fruit Farms

Credit: Way Fruit Farms

pumpkins and apples coming into the spotlight, it is time to share the secret.

Way Fruit Farms has a ton of options if you like simple, high quality food that doesn’t have a lot of processing. Some of their specialties include “fruits, and local vegetables, meats, cheeses, milk, bulk food items, canned preserves, apple butter, pickles, relishes, salsas and so much more.”

Whether you want high-quality apples or some pumpkins at their Fall Festival, you’ll be able to find it at Way Fruit Farm.

4. Tebbs Farms and Greenhouse

Credit: Tebbs

Credit: Tebbs

Mums are a great addition to your yard because they bring in the colors of fall and they are hardy enough to survive some of the harsher weather that we get. Still, they can be a bit difficult so you want to buy from a company that asserts their quality.

Planting tips and tricks are plentiful at Tebbs Farms and Greenhouse, especially for fall planting. They’ve had their mums in stock for a few weeks already, and they are recommending that you start planting now for the most success. No matter what size job you have, they will have the supplies to handle it. Not only that, but they sell in bulk and will make you a good deal.

Make sure to take advantage of their midweek deals, as they are really great this time of the year.

5. Gary Thull Pools, Inc

Gary Thull Pools doesn’t only help you with installing your pool. They can also help you with every pool owner’s least favorite activity. It

Credit: Gary Thull

Credit: Gary Thull

takes so much work and can be really confusing. How much of a certain chemical do you use? Do you have to take out your ladder if it isn’t in the way? Gary Thull will not only answer those questions, they can do the work for you.

This team is willing to go the extra mile to ensure that when you open your pool next summer, your water will be clear, clean, and ready for fun. Winterizing your pool is a lot of work and if you’ve never done it before, you might want to get help from a professional.

Gary Thull works with residential and commercial pools.

6. Shadow Box Garden Center

Credit: Shadow

Credit: Shadow Box

Shadow Box Garden Center is one of our favorite nurseries in the Ebensburg, PA area. They have a lot of options with each and every season, including shrubs, trees, and flowers. Their selection is wide, making it a great place to go if you are going to tackle a fall yard space. As an added bonus, they have warranties on some of their products, so you can be assured that you are buying high quality products.

If you aren’t looking for fall flowers, they sell a lot of tools, produce, and they have the largest selection of Ertl Farm Toys in the area if you want to get a head start on holiday shopping.

Make sure to check their website (click the link above), because they make frequent updates to their inventory and help you make smart trips.

7. Jabco Pest Control Service


Credit: Jabco

When summer ends, your plight against pests does not. Some pests do go away once the cold months hit, but the temperature opens up the possibility for more pests. Hornet nests are always a huge problem here at the end of the summer and start of fall. Mice are starting to look for warm places to spend time. Bats are coming out to play more often as well. All of these pests bring friends.

Jabco Pest Control Service can make you feel like you don’t have to share your home with unwanted borders. They will carry out a full inspection of your home, expertly checking the places where pests tend to stay. Not only that, but they will have a conversation with your family about how to avoid getting pests in your home.

With over 30 years of experience, it will be difficult to find someone who knows more than Jabco.

8. JRS Landscaping

Credit: JRS

Credit: JRS

Seasonal clean-ups are tough. It can be backbreaking work to pile everything into bags, haul it to the trash, and then bag it again when the sharp branches rip open the bags. At JRS Landscaping, we can help you with that. Our seasonal clean-ups include leaf removal from your yard, your decks, your turf, and your patio. We will eliminate the leaves and then take them with you.

We can also help you with trimming your perennials, grasses, and shrubs in the fall. This will prepare them for a fantastic spring growth thanks to minimal damage from the snow.

Make sure to take a look at the rest of our website, because we can handle a lot of your fall workload.

JRS Helps You Stay Safe for Winter

Winter is dangerous in State College. Ice and snow make it difficult to work, and having cracks in your cement or a loose railing only make it worse. Before that weather happens, give us a call. We can fix up your hardscaping issues so that your winter can be safer. The Farmer’s Almanac says that this winter is going to be extra slippery and cold, so make sure you get the work done now.

For whatever work you need, give us a call and we can give you a free estimate for our work.

Header photo courtesy of Javcon117* on Flickr!