There’s a lot of pride in Lemont, PA, where you take care of your home and get the best landscaping work you possibly can. Over the years, the citizens of Lemont have fought to keep the traditions and integrity of the town, so why should that end?

At JRS Landscaping, we know what it means to have pride in your home and your business. We work tirelessly to instill that same kind of pride in our work, which makes it all the more special when we can find people who do the same.

Quality is the name of the game with us, and hope that you feel the same way. Call us today if you need quality work from people who care about what they do.

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Hardscaping Design & Installation

Landscaping Lemont, PA

A lot that you can do with your yard falls under the hardscaping umbrella, from fixing up those old cracked steps and getting a new set that you don’t have to be afraid to go up to retaining walls that stop erosion when the springtime rains fall, hardscaping really keeps your yard mobile and in shape.

A popular choice in the Lemont area is a pond, but there are tons of other things we can do, from walkways to patios. Call us today to hear our full catalogue of hardscaping installations.

Landscaping Design & Installation

A yard is nothing without a little bit of green here and there. Landscaping design and instillation can fill your yard in with a lot of green, or just enough to suit your tastes. From beautiful gardens that bloom and fill your yard with color to shrubs that provide you with shelter from the stares of your neighbor.

If you are looking to spruce up the greenery in your yard, then you should really consider going with a team of people who not only have experience with native plants, but can also help with exotic species as well.

Commercial & Residential Landscape Maintenance

Commercial landscaping is so very important. Not only does it give a good impression to your clients and potential clients, but it also keeps them safe. In winter especially, having landscaping maintenance can help keep everyone walking on your pathways safe and sound.

In the summer, you can prevent pests and bugs from congregating as well as keeping everything hydrated.

It is so important that you have curb appeal as a business – just ask the Charlotte Business Resources.

We also offer residential landscaping maintenance. Call us today to find out what is included in those packages.

Landscape Construction

Imagine you have a beautiful deck that allows you to sunbathe while your kids are in the swimming pool. Or you have a fence that keeps your dog in and you can let him run around after one too many snacks.

It’s possible, and in a much quicker time than you think.

We can work on just about anything you dream, from pergolas and arbors to irrigation systems that help you with keeping your plants alive.

Lawn Care & Lawn Mowing

Do you remember the rule that your mom taught you: if you make your bed, your room will look cleaner? It is the same way with your lawn – if your lawn is manicured and taken care of, the rest of your yard and your house looks better.

For thick, beautiful grass that is free of weeds and crabgrass, you’ll need help from a professional. We can help you there, no matter what state your lawn is in. Give us a call and we will help you out.

Quality, Affordable Landscaping in Lemont, PA

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For people in Lemont, quality is the name of the game. From their quality of character to the quality of work they require, everything must live up to expectations.

Our team has worked for over a decade to get the best landscaping options for businesses and residential homes. We’ve worked everywhere from big cities to small towns, so we bring that ingenuity and passion to our jobs.

Along with the Lemont area, we also serve State College, Houserville, Bellefonte, Boalsburg, Port Matilda Centre Hall, Pleasant Gap, Altoona, Lewistown, and Centre County, PA.

Call us today to get started, and we will offer up a free estimate for whatever job you require.