In State College, our yards are very dear to us, so we need to have the best landscape design and installation that we possibly can. At JRS Landscaping, our team grew up here and knows the quality of design and integrity of service that you expect.

Our landscape designs in State College, PA are a collaborative result of our knowledge, your ideas, and our collective creativity to really get you something special. We work with your yard to recommend designs, plants, and maintenance.

If you want hometown courtesy with large scale experience and innovation, give us a call today at (814) 246-3403 to get started.

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Reasons for Landscape Design and Installation

Landscape Design & Installation State College, PA

Landscaping design is, simply put, one of the best ways to ensure that all of the work and money you put into your yard actually yields results. Far too many people go to the nearest nursery or retail store and buy plants and put them into the ground without actually knowing if they are doing the right thing.

At JRS Landscaping, we look at your yard and create a plan for its unique features, including shading, sunlight, water drainage, and even what you already have in place.

Our work starts with a simple consultation to fully understand what it is you need and want for your yard, and then we look at what is actually possible. From there, we start designing.

Landscaping Design and Installation Features

One of the most basic functions we offer is land installation. We grade your yard and apply high quality sod so that you can have the basics already in place – this is a great way to instantly make your yard look better. If you have a significant amount of hills or holes in your yard, we can also grade those out so that maintenance is easier, playing is safer, and your yard just looks better.

Along with the plant aspect of landscaping, we can help change your yard to better supports the plants and grass. Drainage and irrigation systems are critically important to maintaining the status quo in your yard, and we can work in install systems that do both.

Trees, plants, shrubs, and other green options also fall under our landscaping services. We will help you choose the best ones for your yard, find you quality options, plant them in your yard properly, and even maintain them for you. It isn’t enough to just plant them and let them go – you have to trim them, fertilize them, weed, and maintain the soil quality.

We also work on lighting, decks, arbors, pergolas, and other hardscaping designs as well.

Pricing for Landscape Design and Installation

Each and every landscaping design and installation will cost a different amount of money. Your final will really depend on the job itself: how much work we have to put into it, the supplies we use, the equipment we need, and the time it takes us to complete the work.

We will be able to give you an estimate when we first take a look at your yard, but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to get you everything you want for your budget.

However, at JRS Landscaping, we do understand that everyone has a budget. We will try our very hardest to work within that budget so that you feel comfortable enjoying your space. Give us a call today, and you’ll be surprised what we can get you for the money.

State College Landscaping Done Right

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The yard of your dreams, whether it is just a simple tree or a complex system of gardens and ponds, is truly only a phone call or email away.

We love collaboration, and want to get our skills tested and our design book expanded by people who dream really big. We promise that your garden, landscaping, and overall yard will be a labor of love for everyone involved.

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Along with the State College area, we also serve Bellefonte, Lemont, Boalsburg, Houserville, Port Matilda Centre Hall, Pleasant Gap, Altoona, Lewistown, and Centre County, PA.

If you want to get a yard that is as filled with tree, plants, and shrubs as you want, and they are all taken care of last for a long time, give us a call today at (814) 246-3403 to get started on your dream yard.