Though it might not seem it for the next few days, winter is here. The cold is coming, whether we like it or not, and we all have to prepare for consistent cold for weeks, if not months at a time. It is during this time that our homes cool off, the coldness seeps into our walls and floorboards and everything, from the bathroom floor in the morning to the doorknob when you lock it at night, is just a little cooler to the touch.

Unsurprisingly, this is also the time of the year when our heating systems seem to have problems: they break, they stink, they don’t heat, or they just don’t work as properly as they should. In the middle of the night, during a snowstorm, or even during a busy week, what can you do?

Call up one of these professionals before you try to fix anything yourself:

1. Capparelli Plumbing and Heating, Inc

Credit: Capparelli

Capparelli Plumbing and Heating, Inc is a company based in State College that focuses on two key areas: plumbing and heating. While you may need plumbing help from them, heating is where we will focus. Every customer they have is treated like a VIP and taken care of by every single person they talk to. Timeliness and professionalism ensure that you will get the service you need on time.

This team wants you to understand your home better, so they are willing to go above and beyond, answering questions and showing you things so that you can take care of your system as well as understand the type of service you are getting.

If you don’t quite understand heating systems and how they work, this team will keep you in the loop.

2. BC Freeman Inc.

BC Freeman Inc. services both residential and commercial heating systems. Their team is fully equipped with everything they need to

Credit: BC Freeman

service almost any system or brand. This company has been a trusted name in heating because they’ve proven themselves time and time again the State College community, improving the lives of thousands of people over the years.

For commercial properties, their work is so efficient that you will be open again quickly, losing the minimum amount of work time.

The best part is that they leave every area they’ve been in just as they found it, so you won’t have to worry about cleaning up after them once they leave.

3. Breons Heating & Air Conditioning

Credit: Breons

A family owned business in State College, PA, Breons Heating and Air Conditioning specializes in installing, servicing, and repairing heat pumps and furnaces. Their passion is to get your air quality up, something that a lot of people in State College sometimes forget. With older homes in particular, air quality is increasing important. Their team will help eliminate things like dust mite, dander, pet odor, viruses, and molds.

If your family just isn’t feeling right, it could be an air quality problem. Sometimes these problems won’t pop up until the winter season because all of the debris just sits in your ducts.

Their mission statement says: “To provide timely and dependable service, top quality products and affordable rates that fit each customer’s unique situation.” They’ve lived up to that reputation and then some.

4. Norris Plumbing

While plumbing is in their name, you may want to give the team at Norris Plumbing a call for your heating needs as well.

Credit: Norris

Their team runs the gamut when it comes to what they can do to help your heating system, including sales, service and repairs, radiant heating, gas line installation, pipes, valves and fittings, ductwork, gas log installation, pumps, zone valves, cleaning, hot water, steam and forced air systems, and oil tanks. Their expertise in both plumbing and heating allows them to offer the widest range of services.

This team works and sells almost all brand names and types of heating systems.

5. GoodCo Mechanical

Credit: GoodCo

Whether you need residential heat servicing or a company that services heat at commercial locations in State College, a great choice is GoodCo Mechanical. People call on this company time and time again for a few reasons. The first is because their team has some of the best trained professionals that you can find – most have years of training and experience on different brands and types of heating systems. The second is because they are completely transparent in their work, giving you an estimate up from and sticking to it.

Finally, because they really do try to do what is best for your family and your home. They look at all of the possibilities and walk you through what the problem is, how they can solve it, which one they recommend, and how long it will take.

6. Allied Mechanical

Credit: Allied

If living a green lifestyle is important to you – whether it is in your home or your business – Allied Mechanical is a good fit for you. They focus on making systems more efficient and environmentally friendly.

They offer a broad range of services to residential customers. The team works with you, your home, your existing system, your schedule, and your budget to provide real solutions that will make your home better.

For commercial properties, “Allied Mechanical & Electrical is your answer for comprehensive HVAC & Plumbing services for your business or industry.”

7. JBN Mechanical

Credit: JBN

Finally, JBN Mechanical is a fantastic company that has some of the best rave reviews that you can read on the internet. Personalized care, efficiency, and timeliness are just some of the reasons people love to do business with this small company. The professionalism and attention to detail are mentioned in just about every review that they receive.

This is a company that relies on those basics to create lifelong clients, and it has worked very well for them. Here is just one example of a review from Matt B. on their website: “John is not only honest but also knows what he is doing, this is almost unheard of in this business. I had a boiler installed and I am completely satisfied with the price and the installation. John and his co-worker were able to complete the job in 8 hours and did a fantastic job. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend JBN for any reason.”

Let JRS Landscaping and Hardscaping Keep You Safe

During the winter months, the inside of your home isn’t the only part that you need to keep safe. Outside of your home, ice and snow can cause big problems when you have crumbling cement, uneven pavements, or loose railings.

For commercial properties, we know that the safety of your outside property might even be more important than the inside.  One of the services we provide is commercial snow removal for any business in the State College area. Our team works quickly following a storm so hat clients, customers, and workers can safely access your building and parking areas.

We have all of the necessary equipment to keep you safe, clean, and ready to open – even in the worst weather.

Header photo courtesy of Lori L. Stalteri on Flickr!