5 Ways to Prepare Your Yard for Summer in Pennsylvania

By | May 17th, 2017|Seasonal|

While it hasn't even really felt like we've had a spring yet, summer is right around the corner in Pennsylvania. You know what that means: humidity, flash storms, thunder, lightning, and a ton of fun to be had by everyone. Instead of wasting your days trying to finish up outdoor activities or keeping up with [...]

7 State College Florists for Valentine’s Day

By | February 13th, 2017|Seasonal|

While the weather outside is still trying to figure out what it wants to do, the holidays keep rolling by us. With Valentine's Day readily approaching, you have only a few hours left to make your choices for florists to prepare your bouquet for the person you love. The good thing about flowers, however, is [...]

Where to Get Your Heater Inspected in State College

By | January 13th, 2017|Seasonal|

Though it might not seem it for the next few days, winter is here. The cold is coming, whether we like it or not, and we all have to prepare for consistent cold for weeks, if not months at a time. It is during this time that our homes cool off, the coldness seeps into [...]

Best Christmas Lights Displays in State College

By | December 16th, 2016|Seasonal|

Christmas is one of the most magical times of the year. It seems like no matter what else is going on in the world, everything just slows down a little bit and we can all breathe and enjoy ourselves - once the shopping, decorating, traveling, wrapping, cooking, and calling have all stopped of course. Christmas [...]

7 State College Business Where You Can Buy Live Christmas Trees

By | November 13th, 2016|Seasonal|

Decorating for Christmas is a favorite pastime for just about everyone. It brings your family together, marks the start of the season, and makes your house smell great. However, it can also be really stressful. Trying to find the best place to buy a Christmas tree is extremely difficult because there are so many options [...]

8 Services to Get This Fall in State College

By | October 11th, 2016|Seasonal|

In our post last month, we went over some of the fun things you could do in the fall months and some of the things you could do yourself to prepare for the season. However, this month we are going to cover some things that you might want to get checked by a professional. These [...]