Since it is a bit of a holiday around here, everyone in Boalsburg, PA wants their yardwork and landscaping done by Memorial Day – and with JRS Landscaping, you’ll have the best yard year round, so you won’t need to rush.

Boalsburg residents not only know about integrity of character, but they seem to care about history and pride more than most people. Because of this, we have found that Boalsburg residents are among the best people to work with on landscaping design and installation.

JRS Landscaping knows the classical look that many in Boalsburg want for their yards, especially since you tend to spend a lot of time outside. That is why you need great landscaping that will last a long time.

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Hardscaping Design & Installation

Landscaping Boalsburg, PA

From beautiful ponds with flowing waterfalls to simple steps that help you get around your yard, hardscaping is anything that is “hard” in your yard. We build retaining walls, patios, and more to make your yard both beautiful and functional.

We will work with you to create whatever you want, natural ponds are getting quite popular in Pennsylvania, but we can work with you to build whatever you want. Call us today, or even better, email us a picture of something you’d want.

Landscaping Design & Installation

Landscaping design and installation uses plants and other organic matter to improve the appearance and function of your yard. We build flower beds where there weren’t any, put in privacy shrubs to block your yard from nosy neighbors and plant trees that will provide you with plentiful shade or fresh fruit.

Landscaping design and installation is a great way to fall back in love with your yard again – because you get to shape it.

Commercial & Residential Landscape Maintenance

Commercial and residential spaces require some different maintenance, but a lot of it is similar. For commercial properties, you have to create a welcoming space where people actually want to go see you – weeds, cracked cement, and overgrown gardens don’t necessarily make people want to come see you. We don’t only work with plants, however, we can also help you with leaf and snow removal so that you can focus on living your life and running your business.

We work really hard to help keep every business and home in Boalsburg as manicured as possible – call today to join in that movement.

Landscape Construction

Landscape construction is a big one for people to enjoy their yards again. One of the most popular things we do is install patios. These patios can provide you with space outside to just sit and rest, or they can be a great place to throw a backyard barbeque. If you have a pool, there’s nothing better than a great deck.

Whether you want a patio, a pergola, a new fence, or an irrigation system, we can work with you.

Lawn Care & Lawn Mowing

Lawn care is important. If your lawn is properly taken care of, your home will always look put together. To ensure that your lawn is thick, full, green, and growing, you need to have proper care and maintenance.

Even in the heat of summer, we can help you get a yard that looks good, feels good, and even taste good (for those who like little friends to come through their yard).

Quality, Affordable Landscaping in Boalsburg, PA

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For many people in Boalsburg, landscaping design and installation or lawn care is a small luxury that makes their lives better – if only because they have more time to spend with their families or because they are able to spend more quality time outside.

More importantly, they want to know that the landscaping company they are working with is fully certified and responsible – that’s us.

Along with the Boalsburg area, we also serve State College, Lemont, Bellefonte, Houserville, Port Matilda Centre Hall, Pleasant Gap, Altoona, Lewistown, and Centre County, PA.

If you have any dreams or hopes for your backyard, give us a call and we will get you a free personalized estimate.