Altoona is surrounded by beauty everywhere you look, from the mountains that surround the city to the numerous parks that are situated throughout the town. However, the people of Altoona still want to have some of that natural beauty in their own yards, and do so on an economical basis.

JRS Landscaping understands the need for a budget and having to save up for years just to get something special for your yard. That is why we work so hard to not only make things affordable, but to also help you get what you want.

Working in a town that appreciates natural beauty and the meaning of hard work is important to us. Give us a call so that we can talk about everything from your dream landscaping details to your budget.

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Hardscaping Design & Installation

Landscaping Altoona

Hardscaping is anything in your yard that isn’t made up of plant material. This includes “hard” things like concrete work, retaining walls, and steps.

However, one of the most common things we do under hardscaping is design walkways to replace the cracked, uprooted, and unsightly walkways that tend to come with holder homes. We work with you to make something that is functional, whether you need a ramp to help you get into your home or a natural pathway to make getting from your pool to your house easier.

Landscaping Design & Installation

Like we said, Altoona is absolutely surrounded by beauty and that continues into our yards. However, many people are so quick to go to the nearest nursery or retail location and just get plants without actually knowing anything about what they are planting.

At JRS Landscaping, we know what works in the Altoona area and what doesn’t, so we can help you create a backyard that will always be beautiful and blossoming.

Altoona can be a really tough area to grow things in, but that doesn’t mean you can only have ivy and some evergreen trees – you just need some help. Give us a call today and we will do our best.

Commercial & Residential Landscape Maintenance

If you own a business, it is critical that you have good landscaping practices and maintenance. You don’t want to know how much it would cost if someone were to trip over a root or slip on some snow outside of your building.

The same can be said of residential properties – you might not pay as much if someone simply trips on your property (though you can), but the guilt will surely live with you for a long time.

Call us today to set up maintenance plans so that you don’t have to feel that shame.

Landscape Construction

Landscape construction includes anything you can build in your yard – most of what we do is out of wood, though we also have other options.

A popular option for the Altoona area is the irrigation system. This system helps to ensure that your yard is receiving the proper amount of water with each passing storm or watering. It can also help eliminate standing water that is oversaturating your yard.

But that isn’t all we do – we build decks, we play pergolas and arbors, and we even help with patios.

Lawn Care & Lawn Mowing

Lawn care and lawn mowing are the most basic services we offer. If your grass is brown, crunchy, or filled with weeds, nothing else you do to your yard will look okay.

Lawn care that stops pests, eliminates problem areas, and helps it grow in thick and beautiful will instantly transform your yard. Dethatching, aerating, and weeding and seeding will take it to the next level.

Check out these reasons for why you should aerate your lawn.

Quality, Affordable Landscaping in Altoona, PA

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Altoona is a town that focuses on beauty, especially bringing that natural beauty that is all around into your yards. However, you also worry about your budgets and what getting something done to your yard will mean.

JRS Landscaping tries to work within your budget and give you something really special for what you can afford – whether that means spacing out a project or making some changes, we are willing to work with you.

Along with the Altoona area, we also serve State College, Houserville, Bellefonte, Boalsburg, Lemont, Centre Hall, Pleasant Gap, Port Matilda, Lewistown, and Centre County, PA.

Give us a call today so that we can start a dialogue about your yard.