In our post last month, we went over some of the fun things you could do in the fall months and some of the things you could do yourself to prepare for the season. However, this month we are going to cover some things that you might want to get checked by a professional. These are the things that need a trained eye to spot and a practiced hand to fix. We will cover some of the things you should get checked before you have to live through a State College winter.

1. Your Heater by Goodco Mechanical

Credit: Goodco

Credit: Goodco

When the weather in State College gets cold, it gets really cold fairly quickly. In fact, it has already been pretty cold. Far too many wait too long to check out how their heater works, and they find out too late that something is off. Before it gets that cold, you should really have it checked by someone who knows what they are doing.

Inside and outside matters with your heater, especially when the elements start making a turn for the worst. If you don’t know what you are doing, you might need to professional help that has a practiced hand.

Goodco Mechanical is a local company that works with both residential and commercial properties to ensure that their heating systems work well. They perform maintenance to make it more efficient, repair any problem areas, install completely new systems, and do a thorough cleaning.

If you have emergency requests, they will be there for you then as well.

2. Your Chimney by The Flue Doctor

Credit: Flue Doctor

Credit: Flue Doctor

Your chimney is a part of your home that tends to get overlooked when it is time to do spring cleaning, but you can’t forget it in the fall months. If you don’t have your chimney properly cleaned, you are inviting a ton of problems, from fires to some nasty, funky smells, to much worse. A simple cleaning and inspection this fall will help prevent problems all winter long.

The Flue Doctor, who has been working in the State College area since 1997, cleans and inspects chimneys and dryer vents. If they find problems, they can do the repairs. The team is highly qualified and trained in all of the newest practices. Not only that, they will work with you and teach you how to properly care for your equipment so that you can be safe all year round.

3. Your Gutters by DAB Exterior Cleaning Services

Credit: DAB

Credit: DAB

Throughout the spring, summer, and winter, build-up can accrue in your gutters. While this usually isn’t a problem for rain because it can go through the smallest cracks, it is a problem when that rain freezes in the cold months. This will create sitting water on your roof that will create a ton of problems. To combat this problem, you have to clean your gutters so that the water can get through.


This is sometimes gross work. You never know what you are going to find within those gutters, so you might not want to do it yourself. DAB Exterior Cleaning Services won’t only clean your gutters and downspouts, they will clean up anything on the outside of your home. As they clean, they will go looking for problems that might cause you harm. If you want a free estimate, head on over to their website and give them a call.

4. Your Wiring by Dixon’s Electric

If you have a problem in your house now with an outlet, a light switch, or some other electrical component, it could be the sign of something

Credit: Dixon's

Credit: Dixon’s

even worse happening. If something else goes wrong, all of your electric could go out, a huge problem in the dead of winter.

That is why any little issue you have should be resolved before your life and safety depend on having a heater, lights, and a way to cook. don’t wait until there is a threat of a snowstorm.

Get Dixon’s Electric to check your electrical wiring this year and make the repairs you need. They agree that you should work with them because “With more than 40 years of experience, our staff has developed an unmatched level of professionalism that ensures you get top quality service at very reasonable rates. We are confident that we always provide you with the best value for your money.” Reviews say the same thing – they are a fantastic team of people and do extremely high-quality work.

5. Your Roof by R.H. Marcon

Credit: R.H. Marcon

Credit: R.H. Marcon

Sitting water, animals, debris, and many other things could spell problems for your roof during the winter months. If something happens, you might have a difficult time getting the problem fixed. For a business, it could also mean that you could lose revenue or customers during the process.

R.H. Marcon is a fantastic company that offers commercial and industrial roofing. They will repair, maintain, and install roofing that will flourish during the colder months. Even more, their “maintenance professionals will perform a detailed visual inspection of your roof at regular intervals and make prompt repairs before minor flaws turn into major problems. During heavy precipitation, our maintenance customers receive top priority. We make sure your roof continues to do its job, keeping the interior dry and maintaining energy efficiency.”

6. Your Car by Peakes Auto Repair

The bad weather doesn’t mean that you have to stop your life. If you have a car that is completely safe, you can go places safely. To prepare1 your car for the season, you’ll need to get tires that are high quality, brakes that work well, a heater that actually heats your car, and many other little things that will make your commute a good one. Your safety is key, and your car is a huge part of that.

Peakes Auto Repair works will all different makes and models – from foreign cars to ones that are on the old side. Their team is fully stocked with mechanics and technicians who can solve almost any problem your car might have. They can also help you with tire replacements and have a great education on what you need to get around this part of the state.

7. Your Plumbing by PBCI-Allen

Credit: PBCI

Credit: PBCI

During the colder months, there is nothing worse than having a pipe burst. It is a mess, causes tens of thousands of dollars in damage, and it can even cause structural damage. If you go away during the winter months or you are just going to take an extended vacation, you really should consider having your plumbing checked – it might just be worth it.

PBCI-Allen is a highly respected company with a great team of people. They do some of the best green work around the state and have over 50 employees to pool knowledge from if you have a bigger issue. If you have an emergency, there will have someone there almost immediately to help you at least quell the problem – no matter what time of the day. They work with residential, industrial, and commercial properties, so reach out to them no matter what your needs are.

8. Your Hardscaping with JRS

When the snow hits, when the ice falls, things get slippery and dangerous. You don’t need us to tell you that hitting the cement on your back

Credit: JRS

Credit: JRS

or tripping up your front steps can cause some serious damage. Before the really bad weather hits, turn to us for some hardscaping work that will keep you safe. Maybe you need a railing installed so that you have something to hold onto. Maybe you want to get those cracks fixed before they turn into problems. Maybe you have an uneven walkway that you need help with – whatever it is, we can help you out.

Don’t trust yourself to remember where the uneveness is or where the step starts. You need to put in some protection so that you aren’t hurt, especially if your family depends on you or if you live alone. Don’t do it alone and find out too late that maybe concrete wasn’t your biggest strength – call JRS.

We’ll Be There For You This Fall

Now isn’t the time to skip over your outdoor maintenance either. If the air has gotten a little too cold or you have found that you just don’t have the time to keep up with any of your other obligations, reach out to us for our landscaping and lawn services as well. We can do the work now that will mean your lawn and garden will look great come the spring.

Header photo courtesy of Javcon117* on Flickr!