In today’s world, it isn’t always cool for children to spend their time outdoors. Between texting, Netflix, Twitter, Tumblr, and all of the other inside fun, going outside and sitting in the shade of a tree or reading a book in the sun just doesn’t cut it anymore. But what if it didn’t have to be that way?

As a parent, it is your responsibility to build a yard that your children will love and want to spend time in – even if the Wi-Fi connection doesn’t go that far. Thankfully, State College has a lot of resources to help you make your yard the place where your child wants to be.

We recommend starting here:

1. Pine Creek Structures

Credit: Pine Creek

Credit: Pine Creek

Nothing will bring younger children outside faster than a playground or swing set. Pine Creek Structures has some of the best in our area to do just that. Their outdoor sets have the classical elements that we all loved as children, including swings and slides. There are also newer elements like climbing walls and rope walks. The reason this company gets the first slot is because there is just so much variety here. You can get massive play structures or simple ones. Your child will feel like he or she has hit the jackpot.

Even better, they help you with installation. They will recommend mulch or rubber ground for you so that your children can be safe. While it might seem a little more money, it is well worth it.

2.  Tuscarora Structures

Credit: Tuscarora

Credit: Tuscarora

Tuscarora Structures is mostly known for sheds and external storage, but that isn’t the only thing that they sell. In fact, they sell some of the best outdoor play structures for children. They make tiny structures that look just like homes, which would be a great play place for children. This will encourage imagination and social development.

The homes have a lot of different styles and different uses. Unlike some other structures, once your child grows older, it can still be used. A few coats of paint and you have some more outdoor storage. You don’t have to worry about these getting to your home because they will deliver it and put it right where you want it.

3. Swing Set Man

Credit: Swing Set Man

Credit: Swing Set Man

Swing Set Man is another great resource in our area. If you have a swingset that you don’t know how to install, do NOT try to do it on your own. Instead, reach out to this company so that you can have one built for you. It is not worth putting your child at risk just to save a few dollars.

No matter what kind of swing set or playground set you buy, they will be able to help you out. Their work is high quality and they follow the directions – they don’t jump right in without reading it like some of us might do.

Their team is small, so make sure you call in advance in order to get the best and quickest time slot for you – especially once your children know what is happening.

4. Homestead Pools

Credit: Above Ground Pools

Credit: Above Ground Pools

If you build a killer pool, your children will go outside. Homestead Pools is a company that we have highlighted before, and it is for good reason. They build some of the best pools in the area that also happen to be child-friendly. Their materials are high quality, they focus on safety, and the pools have the ability to grow with your child.

Even better, their team knows how to install pools quickly so that the excitement doesn’t wear off. They leave your yard better than when they came, ensuring that everything is ready to go.

5. Amish Direct Playsets

Credit: Amish Direct

Credit: Amish Direct

Easily customizable and personalized, Amish Direct Playsets is a locally trusted company that will give you a great playset. These are extremely well built, no matter which model you choose. Even better, there is little to no maintenance. They are built to stand up to the elements and clean easily. All you will really need is a hose to rinse off leaves or dirt.

One of the biggest benefits of Amish Direct Playsets is that it will grow with your children. You are able to swap out pieces that are more challenging or better suited to your child. Everything is simple to swap out thanks to the universal style. You can even put a few together to get something that is truly special.

6. 7 Mtn Sod

Credit: 7

Credit: 7 Mtn Sod

Sometimes you have to start with the basics – and with your yard, that means starting at the bottom. Grass that is comfortable to tumble on, comfortable to lay on, and easy to run on will make your yard far more child-friendly. You might not realize it, but crunchy, yellow grass might be keeping your children inside.

7 Mtn Sod is worth your drive and time to Central PA. They sell 100% Kentucky Bluegrass that has some of the nicest texture in any kind of grass. Whether you want to cover your entire yard or you need only a small bit, they are willing to talk you through the purchase and installation process.

7. JRS Landscaping

Credit: JRS

Credit: JRS

From riding your bike to drawing with chalk, one of the easiest ways to make your yard child-friendly is to invest in high-quality hardscaping. At JRS Landscaping, we aim to make those spaces. Our team has worked on projects big and small in order to build these areas, even in places where there isn’t room.

We’ll listen to you and see where you want your yard to go. There are very few elements  in the yard that we don’t touch, so we can work with you to get safe plants for kids and pets, build those spaces where they can play, and even help you to block off certain areas of the yard that aren’t safe.

JRS Landscaping Makes it Safe

If your child plays outside, there’s a chance that you need to do some remodelling or hardscaping. Our team is there for you whether you need something entirely new or you need to fix something that has gone wrong. We want your yard to be the place where you live your life on a daily basis. We don’t want you to spend time inside.

Give us a call today and let us show you (and your children) how special your yard can be.

Header photo courtesy of Nicolás Boullosa on Flickr!