JRS Landscaping

A State College landscaping company, JRS Landscaping strives to provide each and every customer with a unique and aesthetically pleasing design that is both long lasting and cost effective.

We work diligently and collaboratively with you to ensure that the result you get is what you have imagined. We are small enough that we can provide one-on-one attention for your project, but big enough to deliver serious results.

Our company was established in 2011 by Brian Stauffer, a Centre County native who has been working in the industry for over 15 years. A Penn State alum with a degree in Landscape Construction, he cultivated and cultured his skills while working for a commercial company in Washington, DC and several small, residential companies in Philadelphia.

However, Sate College landscaping is where his heart belonged, and he returned home to launch his own company. From that point, JRS Landscaping was born.

If you want hometown courtesy with large city experience, give us a call today at (814) 246-3403 to get started.

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State College Landscaping

We are a full-service lawn maintenance and landscaping company that serves the needs of homeowners. We offer superior service on everything from small services to larger landscaping projects.

 Our landscaping work starts with a consultation with you over what you want. From there, we can do one time jobs or maintenance to keep your yard or business looking its best at all time. In designing your landscaping, we look at your yard, sun patterns, water conditions, needs, local pests, and lifestyle.

Why JRS Landscaping?

JRS Landscaping does whatever we can to provide all of your landscaping needs, that includes:

Landscaping Services We Offer:

We will work with you to get the landscaping job of your dreams, from conception to installation. We have the ability to think big and be big – so shoot for the stars.

We will set up a plan for how often you need our services, and from there we will efficiently give you the best looking yard on the block.

Shrubs and trees need a delicate touch to make them really shine. Our knowledgeable team knows when and how to make the appropriate cuts to have them looking their best.

Careful attention is paid to problem areas in your yard, including weeds, dead areas, thinning areas, clover, and holes.

One of our most basic services, the mowing and removal of all grass clippings from your property.

Our team makes precise holes in your yard to ensure proper air ventilation to help it grow thick and strong.

Our high quality mulch is great for filling in gardens. We will deliver it to your property.

We install mulch in a way that prevents weeds from popping through and reduces the risk of un-off from storms.

From pulling weeds and preparing your gardens for plants to ensuring that any downed branches are gone, spring cleanup is necessary for any healthy garden.
Allowing your garden to go into a dormant period to recover from a time of growing is critical.

Raking and removal of leaves.

Raking and removal of leaves.

Plowing and shoveling of businesses and parking lots in a timely manner.

The grading and application of sod so that your yard can instantly look better.

Basic landscaping to help showcase the natural beauty of the home and sell it.

There’s no job too big or too small for us.

Call us to get an estimate and to start planning

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Hardscaping in State College

Spending time outdoors is something that not many people do anymore, and it is likely because they don’t have the proper backyard set up.

State College HardscapingAt JRS Landscaping, we work with you to create an outdoor space that invites you to stay for a while. Collaboration is the name of the game, and everything we do will reflect your expectations.

In designing your landscaping, we look at your yard, sun patterns, water conditions, needs, local pests, and lifestyle.

Quality is important to us, and we work hard to get everything as close to perfect as it can possible be.

In designing your landscaping, we look at your yard, sun patterns, water conditions, needs, local pests, and lifestyle.

If Your Yard Needs An Upgrade, Consider These Options:

We will work with you to get the hardscape you really want, from conception to installation. We have the ability to think big and be big – so shoot for the stars.

Get a more natural look in your backyard with pavers and natural stone work.

Using precise physics, we build retaining walls that keep your yard from erosions and slippage due to weather. We can even create space this way!

Patio areas that last a lifetime and serve you well. Talk to us about a specific function you’d like to have, and we can work it out.

From small to extensive, pool decks that give you space to lounge, play, and work on your pool.

We can build you walls that create dimension, give you a specific look, help keep things orderly, or just keep everything in place.

Walkways that are non-slip, decorative, utilitarian, or a combination of the above.

Kitchens that function to the highest quality but can also stand up against the elements. Get the elements you want, but none of the ones you’ll never use.

From large to small, design a fire element that is safe to use but also effectively works with the rest of your backyard.

Natural looking ponds that add to the overall ambience of your yard and garden. Our licensed team will build a pond for flowers, fish, or a combination.

Structurally sound waterfalls that keep your pond clean and fresh.

Standalone waterfalls that add ambience to your yard while still being structurally sound.

The yard of your dreams is only an email away.

Send us ideas, pictures, or even napkin drawings to us and we will be able to sit down and create a plan for you.

(814) 246-3403

Snow-RemovalNo State College landscaping company is complete without snow removal. In State College, we get weather, and sometimes it is too intense to take care of by yourself. At JRS Landscaping, we have the tools and equipment to handle storms of any size.

We are on call for all snow and ice storms and are fully insured, responsible, and reliable – from the first snowflake to the last. Call us today to plan the great dig out from the next storm.


We work specifically with Home Owner Associations (HOAs), Town Home Communities, Apartments & Multiple-Unit Rentals. We also welcome business from Management Companies.

From simply cleaning up your walkways and driveway to moving the large snow piles that township trucks put in your yard, our residential services keep you from breaking your back.

We also work to help clean up your hardscaping and landscaping after a snowstorm or winter weather event.

CommercialOur comprehensive list of commercial services includes: schools, churches, medical facilities, and any other business you can imagine. We clear parking lots, walkways, and even landscaping features to help you safely continue business.

State College Landscaping Done Right

With over a decade and a half of experience in landscaping and hardscaping (and a lot more than that in snow removal), the team at JRS Landscaping offers some of the highest quality, most innovative landscaping work to the State College Area.


“THANK YOU!!! Your employees did a fantastic job! It looks great. I am very pleased. I want you to know that they were all very helpful, explained everything without leaving anything in question or concern, worked extremely efficiently, and were friendly. You have a great crew!”
- Gloria R.
“I have worked with Brian Stauffer for the past two years on my landscaping. He is a polite, prompt, creative young man, who has done an excellent job on my property. I am very particular with my property needs and will miss the service he provided. I would highly recommend him for any landscaping job. Should he ever return to our area, I would not hesitate to utilize his landscaping services again.”
- Cheryl Cook
“Brian and his crew provided fast and courteous service, and the work was always perfect.”
- D. Kaplan
“Brian was very thorough in designing and installing my front walk. It looks beautiful and was very professionally done. He paid attention to detail and ensured I was happy with this project. I would highly recommend him.”
- Nancy M.

We also serve the Port Matilda, Bellefonte, Lemont, Boalsburg, Houserville, Centre Hall, Pleasant Gap, Altoona, Lewistown, and Centre County, PA areas.

If you can dream it, we can do it – so give us a call today at (814) 246-3403 to get started on your dream yard.